The Origin

Sharia Livingston rises from the rough streets of East Cleveland Ohio. Not being a stranger to the struggle, she decided to build the dream life that she and her daughter deserved. When she had no resources or any help to change her life, the teen mom beat the odds by pushing through the obstacles and becoming a Registered Nurse. With high hopes of creating a “Rich lifestyle” she went on to create “Living Rich”. A Luxury Street apparel brand centered around her main core values and beliefs. Sharia soon yearned to give people what she didn’t have, and became an mentor to share her experience. Sharia leaves nothing untouched in her teachings and prides herself on giving people "the real". Including what she learned from her very own mishaps.

That wasn’t enough for the gifted Cleveland native. She wanted to give emerging entrepreneurs a real head start by giving them the jewels it took her years to obtain. Sharia birthed Rich Scholars Entrepreneurship Development Program. A resource that extends a helping hand to emerging entrepreneurs. The program inculcates the importance of entrepreneurship by providing seminars, grants, workshops and other resources. The program gives entrepreneurs the opportunities to take control of their own destiny, business mindset and prevail. It educates them on how to establish their own lane with the resources they have. This education extends beyond what is taught in an average classroom.

By doing so the program is lifting innovation, creating new industries, promoting leadership and bettering the community. Sharia also offers business consulting services to entrepreneurs needing a step in the right direction in the form of 1:1 coaching & advising, group courses, and electronic learnings (Ebooks, Workbooks, etc). From having no guidance to being the guide, Sharia is the true definition of “You are not the product of your environment.” With God on her side there is nothing she can’t complete, and she is far from done. Rich Scholars mantra is “Plant the knowledge, grow a leader,” something Sharia stands presently firm on.